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The three blogs that I have chosen really stood out to me. The first one which is about something I seem to get asked alot when I tell people what I am majoring in- “What Does an Instructional Designer Do” ?  This blog sort of helped ME with useful information that will allow me to explain to others exactly what my major entails. I enjoy how she (author) speaks about the importance of developing different learning experiences that allow students to actively practice what they are learning. This is right up my alley since that is how I seem to learn best. This blog will definitely be one of the resources I will use often. The blog can be viewed at: 


The second blog that I chose was extremely fun and I gathered a lot from it. It was focused on an interactive design that promotes applying cross cultural skills and thinking. It opens the door for discussion and it definitely helps by letting the viewer choose why they would make certain decisions. This blog also speaks about the differences concerning elearning and instructional design. I love the part about making students feel confident opposed to clueless. This can be achieved by creating learning experiences that require experimentation and observation. This can make a student feel as if they are learning on their own as opposed to being told what to do. this blog can be viewed at:


The third blog that I chose deals with looking at the different perspectives of online learning. The three perspectives that were mentioned are; learner’s perspective, the perspective of someone facilitating online learning and, the instructional designer. This blog give some tips as well as other websites that can help an instructional designer be aware of what tools may be available to them online. I can really appreciate that because I will truly need some help being a beginner and all. This blog can be viewed at;


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